Cross-platform IDE for PostgreSQL

Open Source


SQL Editor

  • Context and schema aware suggestions

    Get realtime schema, filesystem and context-sensitive suggestions of keywords, table names, column names, functions and more. Completes your whole JOIN statement if the tables are connected with a foreign key. INSERT statement column completion and VALUE column position hints
  • Smart code editor

    Powered by Monaco Editor, our sql editor allows you to edit code more efficiently. Move blocks of code, use multi-cursors to manage selections, and much more
  • Extracts from documentation

    With official Postgres documentation extracts integrated into your code editor, you can avoid the need to switch between your code and a web browser or a separate documentation tool. This streamlines your workflow and saves time, as you can access documentation without leaving your development environment. When you do need to search the web there is right-click selection web search
  • Rich object information

    Inspect the database schema quicker and with less context switching within the code editor. Code completion items for database objects contain relevant information on their structure and related objects. You can quickly see the structure of tables, views, including their columns, data types, and constraints, users and their schema/table/column permissions
  • Error highlighting

    Execution error positions are shown together with resolutions or hints in some cases
  • Saved queries

    Current queries are auto-saved so you never lose your work. You can also name and save queries to access them later
  • Running queries

    There are three modes for running queries: current statement, smallest statement or whole script.
  • Snippets

    Snippets are provided for longer syntax tasks such as function/trigger creation

Data explorer and editor

  • Easily navigate and edit your data

    Filter, sort, apply functions
    Cross filter tables
    Join to any referenced table
  • Create and share dashboards

  • Realtime charts

    Time Chart and Map

Backup and Restore

  • Automatic backups

  • Backup to cloud